Samsung will come pre-installed with McAfee

By Bona Solomon

How important is your smartphone to you? I bet you can’t even afford to go a couple of days without ‘checking to see what the time says’ – much less, not utilizing its additional software functions.

Hello, social media!

In this century, with the peak of social media in our lives, our smartphones can easily be considered as our babies or favorite item we can’t do without. This is because it contains most of our relevant information – as long as you have email, you can relate to what I’m saying.

Our friends and family contacts, school work, online jobs, memorable pictures, and videos – name it. It’s like clearing your desktop and physical files then dumping it on your phone’s screen.

For what you consider too important to lose, your phone definitely needs security.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to be accompanied by the McAfee Virus Scan – it’s what everyone on the technology side is talking about.

McAfee can be described as Android’s mobile security. It’s notable for its fight against virus and cyber theft, as well as guaranteed battery optimization and high level of privacy.

McAfee’s aim is to make the world a safer place for its consumers. How best can they reach out, if not through where we literally live our world – online and on our phones?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be graced with unique features which include a reverse wireless Power Share charging ability, cameras facing the front, a side scanner for fingerprints verification, a vast range of colors etc.

It also comes with a RAM capacity of up to 12gb RAM, a storage capacity ranging from 128gb to 512gb, a high reservoir of battery life, a trendy galaxy ‘earbuds’ and has impressive water and dust resistance.

All these may be impressive, but you should be well-informed that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will be escorted by a pre-installed McAfee Virus Scan for protection against malware and other infectious viruses.

Since Samsung can’t guarantee your Galaxy S10 physical safety (which by the way, is up to you), in order to secure your S10 internal (software) safety, McAfee and Samsung have partnered again to see serve you better.

Many views have been aired concerning the inclusion of the security software in the new phone; like, ‘Is it really necessary?’, ‘what difference does it make anyway?’, ‘I’m very capable of downloading a security software if I need one’ etc.

Regardless, some customers are either in support, really neutral about its inclusion or simply just happy to be a Samsung consumer.

However, in case you’re not aware of the dangers of virus on your Android phone, below are some noticeable attributes.

Signs That Your Android Has an Unwanted Visitor

If you’ve ever noticed your phone overheating unnecessarily, your battery draining faster, your data usage suddenly increasing or incoming calls getting unwillingly blocked, then your phone has been infected with virus.

Although, the presence of virus can be characterized by other factors.

For instance, receiving weird messages from unknown senders and random messages being sent to your contact list can be the handiwork of untraceable scammers. They may further blackmail you for some amount of money in exchange for your privacy.

Why Samsung Will Benefit from McAfee

There are many benefits to be gained from using McAfee Virus Scan. Some of them are:

No Professionalism Required

McAfee offers a self-service product. One doesn’t need to be a computer whiz in order to understand how it’s used.

The app notifies you of the foreseen threats, eliciting popping notifications on the screen of your phone; even a layman can comprehend.

It also informs you on battery conservation and optimization, Anti-theft set-up, anti-virus, as well as, the importance of privacy.

The major phone users – youths and middle-aged men and women – will actually find it really easy and convenient to operate.

Setting up very strong passwords and personalizing it to suit your taste won’t also be a problem due to its operational ease.

The Feeling of Safety and Peace of Mind

Having McAfee Virus Scan will present in the customer a feeling of safety, confidence, and peace of mind.

Knowing that your personal files are ably secured from the public, or just knowing that if your phone gets stolen, it’ll be easy to locate the thief.

McAfee provides the customers with anti-theft security measures which include a location tracker and a capture camera. A capture cam takes a picture of the individual in possession of your phone.

Moreover, if your phone falls into the hands of the wrong person, the lock and wipe feature can be activated to prevent the misuse of available personal data.

Android Versus Malware

Utilizing McAfee Security Software prevents Samsung users from various cyber threats and scammers.

Malware is a virus that’s very common with the Android operating system. It slowly penetrates your phone maybe through a previously downloaded app, then after a while, proceeds to cause consistent damage.

Through the use of social media, ransomware can be used by scammers to blackmail android users in exchange for private or personal data.

These hackers can’t be traced as they leave no trail of the money collected; mostly in form of bitcoins.

However, with the pre-installed presence of McAfee, malware has no room in your phone to house itself. It prevents you from downloading apps from sources not known or trusted.

Protection Against Risky Wi-Fi

Having a secure anti-virus software gives your phone the advantage of suggesting any threats in Wi-Fi connections.

The new S10 alongside the McAfee Software Security comes with a provision of 250mb worth of WiFi allowance. This will help sustain the users for a period of time.

Does Samsung Really Need a Mobile Security Software or Not?

‘Yes’. I don’t see why not.

Since Samsung has the obligation to serve their customers better, if their technical team feel like pre-installing McAfee Virus Scan in the Samsung Galaxy S10 asserts safety for customers, then trying it out first won’t be such a bad thing.

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